Gramma Polo's Bottle Shoppe first opened in March of 1947, over 65 years ago! The store, originally called Polo's Liquor Store, was started by George and Charlotte Polo. The store went through several changes over the decades. Originally is was someone's home. A few years after George and Charlotte bought the building and the land it sits on, they picked it up and turned it around so the gable end faced the highway. As the years passed and the business grew, it was added onto twice. 
George passed away in 1993, leaving Charlotte to run the business herself with the help of her son Ricky. They also ran their other company, Northwest Blacktop, out of that site. The blacktop company was closed in 2005 after many decades of successful operation.
Charlotte Polo continued running the liquor store up until March of 2012, and now, at the ripe young age of 91, has decided to retire and start living life to the fullest! Charlotte sold the business to her granddaughter Jodi and her fiance, Tom Romundstad. 
The name of the store was changed to Gramma Polo's Bottle Shoppe in honor of the legacy she and her husband George had created. Char (gramma) is known well by all in the area and has been termed, "An Institution" in her own right. The bottle shoppe is arguably now the oldest single family owned liquor store in the State of Minnesota!
Gramma Polo's is Earth and Animal Friendly! 


Reduce Reuse Recycle


Friends of animals logo. Girl and a dog under a red and white umbrella.

Gramma Polo's Bottle Shoppe strives to be exceptionally Earth friendly. We have plans in the works for all new energy efficient LED lighting, both inside and out including new LED signage. We're also replacing outdated beer and wine coolers with much more efficient units. We use EnergyStar printers and other appliances where applicable and available. We have also installed an on-demand hot-water heater and water conserving fixtures in our store.
All plastics, glass, paper waste, and cardboard are recycled. All of the waste aluminum the store generates is donated to the Friends of Animals' drop-off bins for recycling. The store's heating and cooling system is being upgraded to a much more efficient system as well. We do not use plastic bags and will soon be providing 100 % post consumer recycled paper bags.


Contact Us!  Email: grammapolos@hotmail.com